Jamie is a Wife, Mother, Daughter, Friend, and lover of creative expression. She started Kinship Shoppe because of her love for Customer Service, Fashion, and all things Retail. Not only is she a Retail Shoppe Owner, She's also a consultant for a Label and Trims Company helping Fashion Designers create branding elements for their garments.

     She began her Fashion Industry career 20 years ago after Graduating with a Degree in Fashion Merchandising. In those years, she sold brands to retailers, direct sales, selling her own products, Label and Trims consultant, and now Retail Shoppe Owner. 

     At Kinship Shoppe, we strive to find unique products that also have a mission. From a range of Women owned companies, sustainable products, USA Made, organic, or pieces from around the world. Community, Comforts, This is the Kinship Shoppe.